How is the kit applied to the surface of my vehicle?

The patterns are cut in house on our machines using XPEL’s DAP design access program. Once the excess material is removed the areas getting covered are sprayed with XPEL’s installation gel. The kit is then peeled away from a release liner and transferred to your car. The kit is moved into position atop the gel to allow for proper alignment. Once the kit is properly positioned we squeegee out the gel so the kit adheres to the vehicle's surface.

How long should I wait to get Paint Protection Film applied to my vehicle if it has just been repainted?

We recommend letting the paint cure for at least 15-30 days prior to installing paint protection film (depending on the paint process). Gases from the paint need to escape before being trapped between the surface of the vehicle and the Film. If not fully cured, then the film can discolor from the inside out, and / or the adhesive on the film can fail from the paint gases.

Please talk to your body shop and see what they recommend. Time will vary depending on their paint process.

Can Paint Protection Film be removed without damaging the paint?

As long as the film is properly applied to a fully cured painted vehicle then it can be removed without causing damage to the paint.

Is Paint Protection film permanent?

This is one of the benefits of Paint Protection Film. It is not a permanent application, but we recommend professional removal.

What is the warranty?

The XPEL Ultimate film has a 10 yr manufactures warranty with the film and our labor. Please click on the Warranty page for more information

How long does it take to complete an installation?

Typically 3 - 5 hours, plus curing time before final inspection / review. However, the amount of coverage, and level of installation difficulty will determine the installation time, so the process could be longer. We do not rush the job, we take the time and care needed to have a great outcome.

Where does the installation take place?

We prefer to do the installation at our facility. We renovated our place with only one service in mind…Installation of Paint Protection Film. This is all we do. Our place is free of dirt and debris which can cause imperfections during the installation. A small piece of dirt or a piece of hair can easily get stirred up moving around a garage. We have done hundreds of installation in peoples garages with good results, but we see great results at our place.

Will the Paint Protection Film resist yellowing?

Yes. The XPEL Ultimate Film comes with a 10 year warranty against yellowing.

How is the film maintained?

Please click on the XPEL Film Care link.

Can the film be waxed?

Yes, the XPEL Ultimate can be waxed and cared for just as you would the non-covered areas of your vehicle.

Can I install Opti-Coat, cQuartz, or any other paint coating?

Sealants such as these will not hurt the film or interfere with XPEL’s Ultimate Film's self-healing properties. XPEL recommends these coatings be installed over top of the film. There’s really no advantage to have the coatings installed before the film is. Installing a coating before the film is installed could create adhesion issues. This could cause the film to lift along the edges.

For more Frequently Asking Questions, please visit XPEL's website.